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Cabin Cruiser

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The term Cabin Cruiser is used for both motor and sail boats. The term Cabin Cruiser is often replaced in modern yacht language by the term "Sport Boat with Cabin." The term Cabin Cruiser is mostly used only in the traditional nautical parlance. In the category of motor boats, also called motor-powered recreational boats and sport boats, a Cabin Cruiser is a small to medium boat (up to about eight meters in length), which has a closed bow area . The space below is walkable, livable and lockable. As a rule, the cabin of a cabin boat has limited height and consists only of a single space. Depending on the length, model and equipment, the cabin may contain seating and sleeping facilities, a small pantry and a chemical toilet. Assignment to the hull shape is not possible in the cabin cruiser. The cabin boat motorboat segment can be designed both as gliders, faster displacement and as a displacer.