Centro nautico EPICO YACHTS

Importer Pardo Yachts (Cantieri del Pardo), Importeur Airon Marine, Dealer Saxdor Yacht

Dealer for:
Swiss, German and Italian parts for the following lakes:
- Lago Maggiore (Swiss and Italian part)
- Lago di Lugano (Swiss and Italian part)
- Brienzersee
- Thunersee
- Vierwaldstättersee
- Zugersee
- Zürichsee
- Walensess
- Bodensee (Swiss, German and Austrian part)

Centro nautico EPICO YACHTS
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  • 2018Year founded

  • Centro nautico EPICO YACHTS

  • Via Cantonale 99
  • 6595 Riazzino-Lavertezzo
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Cantiere del Pardo

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Airon Marine, Pardo Yachts, Saxdor


  • Dry berths
  • Harbor Moorings
  • Boat Equipment Shop
  • Power Boats
  • Equipment
  • New Boats
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  • Winter storage
  • Boat Restoration
  • Boat Repairs
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