Wooden boats and classic yachts fascinate us wherever we encounter them. Classic sailing boats, keel yachts and motor yachts catch the eye in every port. The timeless lines, the materials, and their aura all add up to make these yachts something very special.

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Amiguet Corsaire Motorsailer
Amiguet Corsaire
Sailing Boat, Motorsailer
5.50 x 1.92 m | 1 x 6 HP
Neuenburgersee » St-Aubin - Sauges

CHF 3.000,-

  • 1970
  • 0.50 m
  • 500 kg
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Amiguet Corsaire Cabin Boat
Amiguet Corsaire
Sailing Boat, Cabin Boat
5.50 x 1.90 m
Hallwilersee » Beinwil am See

CHF 2.500,-

  • 1972
  • 0.55 m
  • 560 kg
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Amiguet Corsaire Daysailer
Amiguet Corsaire
Sailing Boat, Daysailer
5.50 x 1.92 m
Thunersee » Thun

CHF 4.300,-

  • 1968
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Amiguet Corsaire Sailing Yacht
Amiguet Corsaire
Sailing Boat, Sailing Yacht
5.50 x 1.90 m | 1 x 1 HP
Hallwilersee » Beinwwil am See

CHF 5.200,-incl. VAT

  • 1981
  • 750 kg
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