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The multi-hull boat is not a phenomenon of the modern era. For thousands of years the Polynesians have relied on the multi-hull boat in the form of the Outrigger. Today, the modern multi-hull boats are seen in two forms; as a Trimaran and Catamaran.

The Catamaran consists of two connected floats. On larger models, the living area on the Catamaran is found in the two hulls, and in a cabin structure between the floats. The Trimaran consists of three floats, where usually only the middle float is habitable. The two outer floats of the Trimaran serve only as stability. Catamarans and Trimarans are used for pleasure boating and also for racing. Advantage of these multi-hulls are faster movements on the water. A disadvantage with these types of water crafts are the double berth fees due to their widths. As a result of this, some multi-hulls offer floats that can merge or fold up. However, such constructions are still the exception and are also very limited.