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  • Parsun F30FWL-T
  • Parsun F30FWL-T
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Boat Engine, Outboard

Parsun F30FWL-T

Langschaft, Tilt-/Trimsystem, Aussenborder

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  • CHF 5'850.-incl. VAT
  • 2024Year Built
  • Long shaftSteering
  • Outboard, four-strokePropulsion
  • 1 x 30 HP / 22 kWEngine Performance
  • 24 l UnleadedFuel Type
  • 2024Engine Year


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2024 Parsun F30FWL-T, CHF 5'850.-

The 30 hp PARSUN F30FWL-EFI 4-stroke fuel-injected outboard engine is a long-shaft engine with electric start, remote cable control and electric trim & tilt system. The PARSUN F30FWL is an exceptionally dynamic and powerful engine with a modern multi-point injection system. With its 3 cylinders, 747 cc and 96.6 kg net weight, it belongs to the mature EFI elite of 30 hp engines. All engine parameters are constantly monitored electronically and displayed by LED.
Our outboard engines are delivered as a complete package, including plastic tank (from 2.6 hp to 60 hp), the appropriate fuel lines, CE & exhaust maintenance document, as well as the SWISS import and customs clearance certificate.
Thanks to the CDI ignition system and the fully electronic ECM, an optimum injection mixture, a minimum noise level and contemporary low emissions are achieved. A perfect start is therefore guaranteed even in cold weather. These engines are equipped with a water-cooled fuel pump, electric trim/tilt system and remote cable control. These are some of the features that make this model the best-selling and most affordable EFI outboard engines.
  • Long shaft
  • Gear ratio: 2.00 (26/13)
  • Max. consumption: 13.8 l/h
  • Quiet, smooth-running and dynamic
  • High-performance aluminum propeller for a long service life
  • Water-cooled fuel pump
  • Large steering angle for maximum maneuverability
  • E-start, trim/tilt system and cable remote control
  • Extremely low emissions: CE certificate, Swiss exhaust emissions document
  • SWISS import and customs certificate from the general importer (TELL's Power AG)
  • 24 liter separate fuel tank with hose
  • Alternator and 12V DC output
  • Equipped with flushing device for effortless cleaning

PARSUN F30: A powerful and lightweight engine for every type of boat. Electronically protected, with LED controls that allow the most important engine parameters to be checked at any time. The electronic multipoint fuel injection regulates the fuel/air mixture via an ECM and optimizes fuel savings while driving. The integrated electronic Delphi management guarantees a powerful and reliable engine that is easy to start in cold weather and offers excellent acceleration. In addition, the engine is equipped with power trim for those boats that require it. The 30 hp outboard from PARSUN is the best value outboard in its class. Once again, PARSUN offers many of the features of a much more expensive outboard motor. It is durable, reliable, fuel-efficient and quiet with superior performance. Of course, our 30 hp engine from PARSUN, like all other PARSUN engines in this class, also meets all requirements (e.g. CE certificate, exhaust emissions document and the SWISS import and customs clearance certificate from the general importer TELL's Power AG) and is approved for all lakes in Switzerland, provided that it is permitted to move petrol-powered boats on local waters. Let yourself be convinced by this exceptionally robust, smooth-running and powerful engine and become part of the PARSUN family.
PARSUN technology/spare parts: Almost all components in PARSUN outboard engines are usually identical to corresponding YAMAHA spare parts and can therefore be serviced in practically any professional boatyard. Engine spare parts from all renowned manufacturers, such as PARSUN, can usually be found in Switzerland directly from stock at the importer TELL's Power AG. This gives you long-term security of spare parts and value for your PARSUN outboard. Other new outboard motors - also over 100 hp - on request.

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