• Brenderup Typ F
  • Brenderup Typ F
  • Brenderup Typ F
  • Brenderup Typ F
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Trailer, Single Axle

Brenderup Typ F

Sports equipment trailer

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  • CHF 1'800.-Basis for Negotiation
  • 2003Year Built
  • very good conditionCondition
  • 6.00 m x 1.90 mLength x Beam
  • AluminiumMaterial
  • 1'000 kgPay load


Switzerland » Lake of Zurich


2003 Brenderup Typ F, CHF 1'800.-

Yes, it might be snowing outside in large parts of Europe but the next regatta season is just around the corner anyway – and I have good news for those looking for the perfect 49er trailer. (It is for sale since my son was abandoned by a crew for the second time so he gave up his 49er career hopes.)

Brand: Brenderup
Year: 2003
Weight: 640kg
Price: 1800CHF or 1900EUR negotiable

The trailer comes with lots of space for gear of all kinds and sleeps at least two masts.
The trailer passed Swiss state inspection with flying colours in spring 2023 (if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere). Three new tires w/ milage ca. 1200km and new sets of lights.

Trailer comes with full set of both Swiss and Danish paperwork and I can also handle/help handle the customs. The trailer was previously registered in Denmark so there’s no need to pay EU taxes (again).

I also have a document saying the trailer may run 100km/h which is, however, above the speed limit for trailer in Switzerland and hence not in the trailer papers (yet).
Delivery can be anywhere between Imperia (Liguria, Italy) and Aarhus.

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