Wooden boats and classic yachts fascinate us wherever we encounter them. Classic sailing boats, keel yachts and motor yachts catch the eye in every port. The timeless lines, the materials, and their aura all add up to make these yachts something very special.

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Pedrazzini Monte Carlo Grand Sport Runabout
Pedrazzini Monte Carlo Grand Sport
Power Boat, Runabout
9.45 x 2.80 m | 2 x 300 HP
Lake of Zurich » Pfäffikon SZ

CHF 290.000,-

  • 2000
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Pedrazzini Capri super Deluxe Runabout
Pedrazzini Capri super Deluxe
Power Boat, Runabout
6.50 x 2.30 m
Lake Geneva » Bouveret

CHF 85.000,-

  • 1962
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Pedrazzini Caprino de Luxe Runabout
Pedrazzini Caprino de Luxe
Power Boat, Runabout
6.50 x 2.25 m | 1 x 254 HP
Luganersee » Nautica's Lugano

CHF 98.000,-

  • 1992
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Pedrazzini Cavallino Runabout
Pedrazzini Cavallino
Power Boat, Runabout
5.65 x 2.08 m
Lake of Zurich » Bäch

CHF 65.000,-

  • 1965
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Pedrazzini 1936 Runabout
Pedrazzini 1936
Classic Runabout von 1936
7.60 x 1.90 m

CHF 150.000,-

  • 1936
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Pedrazzini Gentlemans Runabout Runabout
Pedrazzini Gentlemans Runabout
1936 und trotzdem wie neu
7.60 x 1.80 m | 1 x 60 HP
Vierwaldstättersee » Ruswil

CHF 75.000,-incl. VAT

  • 1936
  • 0.50 m
  • 1000 kg
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Pedrazzini Capri deluxe Runabout
Pedrazzini Capri deluxe
Power Boat, Runabout
6.50 x 2.35 m | 1 x 239 HP
Lake of Zurich » Galgenen

CHF 59.500,-incl. VAT

  • 1969
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Pedrazzini San Remo De Luxe Motor Yacht
Pedrazzini San Remo De Luxe
Power Boat, Motor Yacht
9.60 x 3.20 m | 2 x 360 HP
Lake of Zurich » Bäch

CHF 149.000,-

  • 1972
  • 4500 kg
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