• Bic Sportyak 245
  • Bic Sportyak 245
  • Bic Sportyak 245
  • Bic Sportyak 245
  • Bic Sportyak 245
  • Bic Sportyak 245

New Boat from Stock, Dinghy

Bic Sportyak 245

Immediately available

  • CHF 880.-incl. VAT
  • 2022Year Built
  • 2.45 m x 1.20 mLength x Width
  • 39 kgWeight
  • PVCMaterial




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The Sportyak 213 and the Sportyak 245 are ideal as a dinghy or for fishing. Both boats are more stable, more robust and lighter than classic rowing boats. More than 100,000 boats have been produced to date. BIC Sport has made a name for itself in the boating industry. The Sportyaks are extremely robust and stable and 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycle. The 2022 models are equipped with new and robust aluminum oarlocks and are available in two new color variants with improved UV resistance.

From exhibition available immediately

Equipment: 2 oars, 2 oarlocks made of aluminium, 3 oarlock holders, 1 rope, 1 bench, roller system


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