• exoboat Optimist Flex
  • exoboat Optimist Flex
  • exoboat Optimist Flex
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Used Boat, Regatta Boat

exoboat Optimist Flex


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  • CHF 2'500.-incl. VAT
  • 2022Year Built
  • very good conditionCondition
  • 2.37 m x 1.20 mLength x Beam
  • 0.20 - 1.00 mDraught
  • GRPMaterial
  • white whiteHull Color
  • Tiller SteeringSteering
  • Lifting KeelKeel Type


Lake Geneva » MEINIER


2022 exoboat Optimist Flex, CHF 2'500.-

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Optimist de régate, vendu complet, prêt à régater
Excellent état
SUI 1977

Optimist Exoboat Flex 2022
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Girouete, garcettes,écopes, pagaie,...

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