Bella 700 Kabinenboot 365 Tage See!

Neues Pilothouse Boot

CHF 53.900,-
  • Power Boats
  • Pilothouse Boat
  • Bella power boats
  • 700 Kabinenboot 365 Tage See!
  • new boat from stock
  • 2017
  • as new
  • 6.65 m
  • 2.60 m
  • 0.60 m
  • 1600 kg
  • 8
  • 1
  • 2
  • 1
  • GRP
  • white
  • 10 l
  • Outboard, four-stroke
  • (Permission for Lake of Constance)


Switzerland » Vierwaldstättersee » Horw

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Bella 700 Raid Pilothouse! The hammer.
The brand new Bella 700 RAID is the cabin boat with the endless possibilities in the Pilothouse class.
Thanks to its extremely sturdy construction and intelligent layout, the new compact Bella is able to cope with the harshest conditions and is the ideal boat for professional sport fishing or for weekend trips - 365 days a year on the water.

The Bella 700 RAID offers a huge variable aft cockpit with plenty of storage space, a cabin with ample space for 4 people, 2 sleeping places, a side sliding door to the starboard on starboard, a sliding door to the aft cockpit and many good ideas such as the optional second steering position outside and everything Is in the right place.

It is a children's game, to move comfortably and safely on this boat, which looks also impertinently good.

The Bella 700 RAID has been developed for a wide range of uses, offering many practical and stylish accessories such as the sturdy black railing and can be equipped with outboard motors of 115 - 200 hp.

In short - The new Bella 700 RAID is a boat that offers the finest and finest comfort and functionality that Finnish boats can offer.

Bella 700 RAID for the final of European Powerboat of the Year 2017 nominated.

Standard equipment:
Hydraulic control
Security glazing
Sliding door to the aft cockpit + sliding door STB
Fittings + Rail (black, powder coated) Stainless steel
Fuel tank 225L
Schiebeluke STB
Carpet on the floor
Cup holder
Polestersatz complete
Preparation for chart plotter
Fender holder integrated
Bilge pump man.
Bilge pump electr.
Front window ventilation
SmartCraft instruments
USB charging jack
Rump color white
Windscreen wiper STB + BB
Rod holders, 2 pcs.
12V sockets
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<b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Pilothouse Kabinenboot
<b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Pilothouse
<b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Bella 700 Kabinenboot 365 Tage See! <b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Schweiz <b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Werft Ag <b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Kabinenboot abschliessbar <b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Hardtop <b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Werft Hardtop <b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Pilothouse Schweiz <b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Pilothouse Plicht <b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Bootswerft <b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada <b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Werft Schweiz <b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Werft Schweiz <b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Werft Schweiz <b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada <b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada <b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada <br />
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<b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Pilothouse Kabinenboot<b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Pilothouse<b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada<b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Schweiz<b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Werft Ag<b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Kabinenboot abschliessbar<b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Hardtop<b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Werft Hardtop<b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Pilothouse Schweiz<b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Pilothouse Plicht<b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Bootswerft<b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada<b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Werft Schweiz<b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Werft Schweiz<b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada Werft Schweiz<b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada<b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada<b>Bella 700 Raid</b><br/>Caminada <br />
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