Airon Marine 28 AMX

Super Sportler

CHF 137.900,-
  • Power Boats
  • Pilothouse Boat
  • Airon Marine power boats
  • 28 AMX
  • new boat from stock
  • 2016
  • as new
  • 8.34 m
  • 2.50 m
  • 0.90 m
  • 2500 kg
  • 8
  • 1
  • 2
  • 1
  • 1
  • white bonze
  • 60 l
  • 60 l
  • Sterndrive
  • Volvo Penta 300 PS (Permission for Lake of Constance)
  • 1 x 300 HP / 221 kW


Switzerland » Vierwaldstättersee » Horw

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Airon AMX 28 "The good style of Italy"

Smooth shapes and decent punch, Airon Marine and the shipyard Caminada have brought a new boat project off the ground:
The family Airon Marine stands for reliability, precision and quality (the products Airon hold any comparison with Scandinavian boats stand, but are clearly Cheaper!)
The force model of Airon Marine strike a balance between luxury, family and sports boat racer.
The AMX 28 was sleekly designed, carefully built and well equipped. It meets the highest certification of the "RINA" (highest safety standards).
It features a spacious sun beds at the stern, shellfish and flip up seats for maximum grip and in the cabin a comfortable bed. Everything on the boat is very functional and attractive.

Safe standing in the boat, which are not so good for people on their feet:
In the boot inner antiskid teak, solid handrails made of chrome steel, a massive skirting board were installed. Big steps for medium trapdoor and a practical rear entry. A large swim platform of course it helped.

The boat is top feels. The striking V-shape is high directional stability, the boat accelerates quickly without aufzukimmen.
Ideal for water sports or for quiet cruising. The Airon AMX glides quietly on the water and remain problem-catching. She cares not at extreme maneuvers. The power steering makes for a relaxed and precise steering.

The best! You can say in the construction layout!

- Separate WC Cabin, or none.
- Whole boat in wood optics (optical a hammer)
- Cabinet with sink in the cockpit or cockpit table
- Portholes, forms
- Inside and outside, upholstery and shell colors
- Engine options: single and double systems with joystick to 380 hp

Call in Caminada boatyard on, we can offer you comprehensive advice.
Base price 140 000 Chf.
Additional Informations


  • Anchor
  • Battery
  • Bimini Top
  • Cockpit Cover
  • Compass
  • MP3 Player
  • Navigation lights
  • Radio
  • Refrigerator
  • Sink
  • Swim Ladder
  • Water Pressure System


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Airon Marine 28 AMX
Airon Marine 28 AMX
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