• Trolling Plate Bremsklappe
  • Trolling Plate Bremsklappe

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Trolling Plate Bremsklappe

Happy Troller up to 50 hp

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    Lake of Zurich » St.Gallenkappel


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    Brake flap for boat engines

    More also at www.allenspach-bernhard.ch

    Happy Troller brake flap for outboard motors up to max. 50 HP
    If the flap is up, it helps to accelerate and does not interfere with planing
    For trolling, turn the flap with the line release down. This makes the boat slower and the optimal Schleik speed is achieved.

    Made of aluminum and stainless steel. Very robust and proven design. Easy to mount on the engine's cavitation plate. Mounting material and instructions included in delivery.

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