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  • Bootsplatz bei Mastercraft Kauf
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Berth, Floating Dock

Bootsplatz bei Mastercraft Kauf

Zurich and Lake Lucerne

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  • Price on Request
    • 7.50 m x 2.50 mLength x Beam



    Berth Available


    Bootsplatz bei Mastercraft Kauf

    Inquiries please only in connection with the purchase of a Mastercraft boat from us ! Thank you

    Mastercraft importer in Switzerland and Italy since 1987.

    Mastercraft is the leader in the TowBoat sector with great innovations

    Unique SetUp! With many Mastercraft Service Centers we serve you very close to your familiar environment. Our winter storage facilities always provide you with a sheltered space. Support with the best specialist knowledge from our factory-trained staff.
    Approx. 1500 Mastercraft boats are serviced by us
    Mobile service on all lakes
    Functional test pools in the service centers are standard
    Our engines are marinized by Ilmor and are the most economical and climate friendly V8 in the industry. BSO2 Lake Constance standard is fulfilled with 2 models.
    ILMOR from the Swiss engine manufacturer Mario Illien are known from Formula 1
    Our surf system -Surfstar- is approx. 30% more economical compared to other systems
    Mastercraft Family Events and organized camps with our team riders are also included.
    Big competitions are usually pulled with Mastercraft boats.
    Our references: ask our customers!

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